How to Get Bigger Forearms with a Few Simple Exercises

Bigger forearms are like finishing touches on a fully ripped body.

Apart from the appearance brownie points, there are some other great reasons you should definitely consider working on your forearm strength. Many people disregard this part when working out, but it’s just as important as anything else.

One reason people often choose to ignore forearm strength training is because a decent, standard program will work on majority of the small muscles in that part of the arm. If you’ve been lifting regularly, you’re already working on strengthening the forearm and building muscle.

Well, there will always be additional things you can do to improve. An increase in forearm muscle equivalent to improved overall strength, strength buildup and hypertrophy, elevated grip strength, and sometimes management or reduction of wrist, hand, or elbow pain.

How to Get Bigger Forearms: Amazing Exercise That Provides Significant Results

Perform these exercise at least twice or thrice a week for best results. Doing it once a day won’t really develop or make the muscles bigger. Keep in mind that building forearm size and strength will take time, and you absolutely can’t lose patience.

All you need is a dedicated workout regime and focused efforts and you should start seeing results within a few months if not one.

Include some of these exercises – some with weights, some with machines, and some that only implement bodyweight, to target all the muscles around the hands, wrists, elbows, and of course, the forearms. The range really does have an impact. A chance in your routine challenges your muscles and you’ll get results faster.

1. Same Routine, But with Modifications

You may now be thinking that the exercises you have been doing really didn’t do anything to improve forearm strength, but that’s not true.

While you’re performing workouts like chin-ups, deadlifts, pull-ups, and more, you’re already working on improving forearm as well as grip strength. Lifting heavy loads, using your hand to grip to perform those exercises will improve forearm strength. 

One simple tweak makes these workouts much more effective because you’re challenging your body to do better and it will react. Use a specialist grip to make the barbell handle larger. This increases the bar’s width and forces you to implement a stronger grip, automatically improving forearm muscles.

In addition to that, switching to a pronated grip can do wonder in developing forearm strength. With the palms facing down and the backs of the wrists facing the opposite direction, hold the bar. This redirects pressure on the biceps to the forearms.

2. Dumbbell Exercises

Dumbbell exercise are very effective in working the smaller muscles of your forearm. A few exercises are all you need to target all those muscles:

  • Wrist flexion: Sit on a bench and rest your forearms, palms facing up, on your legs. The kneecaps should have the back of the wrists. Hold onto a pair of dumbbells, bring the wrists up and squeeze. The hands are the only parts of your body that should be moving, but the entire forearm will feel this.
  • Reverse biceps curls: Do a regular biceps curl but with wrists facing up and backs of your hands. This particular exercise hits the forearm muscles relevant for elbow flexion.
  • Wrist extension: Quite similar to the wrist flexion, but in this one, the palms of the hand face down. Replicate the lifting process.
  • Zottman curls: This curl variation removes focus from the biceps and concentrates on the forearms muscles attached to the upper arm. For the first step, do a standard biceps curl. Rotate the palms at the top of the movement – till they face forward, then lower to the beginning position.

3. Weight Carries

Forearm and grip strength are necessary to carry heavy things. Try these simple yet challenging carry exercise to really work those muscles:

  • Farmer carry: This simple yet highly engaging exercise builds up strength in the fingers and wrist while hitting a number of other muscles. In each hand, hold a heavy dumbbell and let the arms rest parallel to the rest of your body. The palms should be facing inwards. Maintain good posture and walk in a straight line.
  • Pinch carry: Do a carry exercise accompanied by weight plated to develop finger and grip strength. Look for the holes in the two plates and pinch your fingers together through there. To truly challenge the muscles, you need the two plates.
  • Trap bar carry: Replicate Farmer Carry but with an increased amount of weight when a trap bar is used.

4. Machines and Pull-Up Bars

It goes without saying that there are multiple exercises to hit the forearms using machines and a pull-up bar. Here are some:

  • Pull ups: An exercise as old as time, the pull-up is quite challenging but very rewarding when it comes to the buildup of the upper body and strength of the core. With your palms facing in, do pull-ups. Repeat but this time with the palms facing out to target various muscles. If these are a bit too hard right now, start with simple hangs.
  • Pull-up bar hand: Yes, it’s as simple as you’re thinking. Simply hang from a pull-up bar. Well, there’s a bit more technique. Have your palms facing forward alongside having arms shoulder-width apart to ensure best results. Change sides to increase the challenge and exercise different muscles. Hang a towel over the bar and grip on both ends and you let the body hang.
  • Towel cable row: A cable pulley can be used with a different grip when you want to hit forearm muscles. Insert a towel through the handle and use one hand to hold either ends. To do a row, pull back.

Bottom Line

Building forearm strength can be done paired with a comprehensive strength improving program. You can also use these strategies to get ripped all over – from elbow to wrist.

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