Best Treadmills Under $500

Top 7 Best Treadmills Under $500 in 2020

Looking for the best best treadmills under $500 in 2020? You’re at the right place.Keeping fit can become quite a challenge if you can’t go to the gym or go out for a quick run.With the pandemic lurking around, more and more people are still stuck at home wondering how they’re going to keep fit. … Read more

Leg Press vs Squats

Leg Press vs Squats: Which One is More Effective?

If you want to work on your leg muscles, then leg press or squats are the best workouts. However, you can get confused while choosing one or the other without knowing their pros and cons. You can undoubtedly keep both in your activities, but it can be challenging to balance them both. Leg presses and … Read more

How to Increase Bench Press

How to Increase Bench Press: 5 Real & Effective Workouts

The Bench Press can be considered the standard for judging strength. It’s one of the best ways to add strength, size, and power to the chest region. If you really want to impress, you need to be able to do some solid bench presses, because it’s usually the first and only lift that intrigues the … Read more

How to Get Bigger Forearms

How to Get Bigger Forearms with a Few Simple Exercises

Bigger forearms are like finishing touches on a fully ripped body. Apart from the appearance brownie points, there are some other great reasons you should definitely consider working on your forearm strength. Many people disregard this part when working out, but it’s just as important as anything else. One reason people often choose to ignore … Read more

How to Do Dips at Home

How to Do Dips at Home: A Beginner’s Guide

Many people are stuck at home in this pandemic. If you want to work on your pecs, deltoids, and triceps at home, then dips are definitely the workout for you. Dips are kind of similar to pushups, but unlike pushups, you can’t just start doing dips, you will need a few types of equipment. However, … Read more

Cardio for Bad Knees

Cardio for Bad Knees: 10 Best Low Impact Workouts

Your knees are two of the most complex and most extensive joints in your body. They have to support the whole weight of your body whenever you move. However, if you have bad knees, then chances are, you face various problems in your daily life.  Bad knees cause sharp pain and prevent you from moving … Read more